Interviews sminterviews..


Just updated my interview list for the first time since July and have a looksy who I have spoken to over the past few months:

01/07/10 Chapel Club

04/07/10 Harper Simon

08/07/10 Dum Dum Girls

11/07/10 Smith Westerns

15/07/10 The Cheek

18/07/10 Goldheart Assembly

22/07/10 A Place to Bury Strangers

25/07/10 Male Bonding

29/07/10 First Aid Kit

01/08/10 School Of Seven Bells

05/08/10 Blind Atlas

08/08/10 The Hundred In The Hands

12/08/10 The Black Knights

15/08/10 The Black Keys

19/08/10 Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

22/08/10 Peggy Sue

26/08/10 The Naughtys

29/08/10 Funeral Party

09/09/10 The Lysergic Suite

12/09/10 The Boxer Rebellion

16/09/10 Suzuki/Method

19/09/10 Marner Brown

23/09/10 Caitlin Rose

26/09/10 The Divine Comedy

03/10/10 Zola Jesus

10/10/10 Badly Drawn Boy

14/10/10 Neon Indian

17/10/10 Freelance Whales

21/10/10 Timber Timbre

24/10/10 Rachael Sage

As always got some really exciting interviews already lined up to air, kicking off with the wonderful Citay on Thursdays show at 9pm on 94.4fm or

Check out this taster..

more blog stuff coming soon when i finally catch up from NYC and upload some vids/pics from CMJ.. *yawn*

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