Short but so, so, sweet..

Just a brief catch up..

Last week I was honoured to interview two absolute legends. The first is a guy that I once hugged on the streets of Chorlton after I told him I adored his gig but he looked like he needed a bloody good hug, to which he replied, well i probably could do with it..

Badly Drawn Boy is now a regular feature on the streets of Chorlton, and its a full ten years since he won the Mercury Music Prize.. he was rooting for mates I Am Kloot last week by the way.  It was great to catch up with him and hear how he is moving forward with his music, his forthcoming release trilogy ‘It’s what i’m thinking’ is in his eyes, a way to keep himself motivated and recording, and he seems happy with his influences and music which is resulting in more collaborations on his new record..You’ll have to tune in to hear what inspired  the title ‘photographing snowflakes’ but in the meantime this is the first single of the record and its ace..

The second legend was The Divine Comedy‘s Neil Hannon, just you wait til you hear what his snack of choice is..

I’m a huge fan of Neil’s lyrics filled with satire and can’t help but laugh everytime I hear this song off his new record Bang Goes the Knighthood..

Last weeks radio shows are up for listen again:

The Lysergic Suite:

The Boxer Rebellion:

The Boxer Rebellion Mixcloud

Thanks to Matty White for asking me onto his show on BBC Radio Manchester to help out with the single reviews again, we had a total blast and you can listen to it again from 1 hour 17 minutes below:


Lots more fun coming up this week, if I don’t pass out first! Don’t forget Postcards on Saturday at The Deaf Institute & Rock and Respite at Sound Control on Sunday..

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