Straight outta Salford..

So i’m on Salford City Radio twice a week, I wouldn’t say i’m the oracle of Salford Music as Tony Thornborough, Bob Osborne and Jon Coupe – Salford Radio presenters past and present  – are far more on it than I am and and the Helmets for Men night just proves that fact…

I play the best new music I hear, and theres nothing I love more than when the two things combine … great new music from Salford! I’ve got a few awesome examples that really need to be heard outside Salford (or my mind)..

Suzuki Method

I’ve talked about these guys before, the first time i heard ‘Start today, stop tomorrow’ blew me away and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of their ep.  When I finally got my mitts on it was better than I could have anticipated.. I’m still eagerly awaiting the release of the EP as the date has been put back to September, but trust me when you hear it, its going to blow your mind..

Purple Aki:

The Black Knights

Formally the deo-dates, do you want to know what voodoo trash blues sounds like? Well this is round about it:

Their debut album ‘Sickle Sell Saturday Night’ is due for release in September.. it’s dark, its trashy and its pure blues.. get on it!

Lead singer Gary joins me to talk about the album, playing gigs in Spain and his aversion to mashed potato..

You can also listen again to my interview with The Hundred in the Hands below, their self titled debut LP is out in September and single Pigeons even earlier..

Nice to see the NME finally airing news that I revealed on the show and on a previous blog nearly TWO MONTHS ago!

Kasabian’s Tom Meighan takes on lead vocal duties for new band’s single

I aired this track ‘Ghosts on Crusade’ by the Lysergic Suite originally on the 13th June!! NME have only offered the bands myspace page to listen to the track, so on Sunday i’m going to play the song again in its entirety, i’m sure it won’t take you long to make up your mind to purchase it! Infact the EP is awesome.

So don’t forget to tune in on Sunday at 5pm on 94.4fm or to hear the latest..

I’m not normally one for themed shows but this weeks Black Week (c) so-called due to the shows interviews with The Black Knights and The Black Keys seems to have gained a life of its own – so expect more black, blood, gore, funerals, bruises and violent acts forming song titles and band names for sundays show.. but rest assured, its all great NEW music!

Free tracks – The Itunes free single of the week is by The Virgin Marys, download it and play it to DEATH!

In the name of everything thats Black, get a free ‘black track’  on me.

Now for Summer Sundae..

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