Going the distance..

If ever there was an apt name for a film and for the band featured in it, it’s going the distance…I heard about this film some time ago from a member of the band in question, but seeing the advert in the Odeon really brought the reality to life..

The band are The Boxer Rebellion, some people say are they still going? Yes, they are.. they’ve been quietly plugging away at their craft over the past number of years, producing two of the most stunning records that I own… and I own a LOT of records.

Infact their second album Union topped my top 20 albums of 2009, it was so mindblowing there could be no other choice..

I have been lucky enough to see them in tiny venues, have my albums signed, grab an interview with them and generally get to know them a little bit.  Amazing guys, so humble and down to earth and they’ve clearly worked so hard for this over the years. You could say they’ve ‘gone the distance’..

Now it’s their time to shine, and if theres any justice in the world this film will propel them to the heights they deserve.

With a third album wrapped up and ready for airing I can’t wait to see what they have to offer, so if you care about quality music and you don’t mind a rom com, check out Going the Distance for a pleasant and refreshing suprise.. or if you can’t wait that long, check out these..

Evacuate – The Boxer Rebellion

Flashing Red Light Means Go – The Boxer Rebellion

Channel M Session – The Boxer Rebellion

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