I will be..

blogging mainly.. naah, its a shifty reference to the Dum Dums Girls album which was my album of the month in April, can’t get enough of it, and I was fortunate to see them live last week along with brand new drummer Sandy.. Dee Dee joined me for a chat and told me why ‘Oh Mein M’ was written in german as well as more about her album and plans for world domination!

see what the fuss is all about in this video taken at SXSW…

Three more radio shows are up for listen again since the last time I blogged, i guess this is what happens when you air twice a week, click the links on the name to listen again

* Local Natives

* Wild Beasts

* Little Comets

In other radio news, I’m joining Matt White and a couple of others to comment on new singles on BBC Manchester TONIGHT at 11pm, so tune in on 95.1fm or online on: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/playlive/bbc_radio_manchester/

Also, Chorlton Arts Festival is currently ongoing and I’m honoured to have a weekly slot 8-10pm on a Thursday, which aired this thursday and will air next thursday, you can listen to an older show from 8pm and my brand new show airing simultaneously on both Chorlton Arts Radio on www.chorltonartsradio.com and Salford City Radio 94.4fm on www.salfordcityradio.org at 9pm…. Groovy eh? get involved!

Sundays show at 5pm on Salford City Radio 94.4fm features an interview with welsh pysche rockers El Goodo, they are totally underrated and I for one want to change that, unfortunately they HATE computers which means finding anything about them online is near on impossible, but trust me if you like an equipment list and sound straight out of 1965, check them out..

In other news the Exit Calm album is out and I advise you to BUY IT! If you really need a taster to justify it,  heres a former single and stand out track..

In gig news, I met the legend that is Harper Simon, son of Paul Simon, yes the voice is similar when you speak to him and when he sings, but credit where credits due.. Harper has taken his own path, gaining his own influences and creating an absolutely stunning self titled album enlisting the legendary Bob Johnston on production duties.  In a world where singer-songwriters seem ten-a-penny, Harpers simple set up of an electro-acoustic and microphone was all he needed to make an impact at the night and day.

How many bands have been around for twenty years? The Stones? U2? The Charlatans?

Yep! Can you believe it? The Charlatans released debut album ‘Some friendly’ twenty years ago and to celebrate the fact they are playing three gigs, I was lucky enough to catch them at Blackpool where I enjoyed tracks from ‘Between 10th and 11th’ in addition to tracks from ‘Some friendly’… Jon joined me for a chat after the gig to tell me why album ‘Some friendly’ defines them as a band and where they go from here.. airing soon..

It must a time for new beginnings too, as I was shocked to see Matt Hollywood playing back with the Brian Jonestown Massacre in Manchester this week.. I don’t know why? a nifty bit of homework could have informed me that he played with the band at festivals recently and that he played on and helped record the BJMs latest album ‘Who Killed Sgt Pepper’.. Nicely put for those of us that struggle to spell Sergeant in full.. Awesomeness, apart from the lager heads who won’t desist from talking or SHOUTING at gigs, even my pleas of ‘can’t you see Matt Hollywoods singing?, please be quiet’ were mocked.. I hope you can sleep at night…imbecile.

In more upbeat news I’m hoping to get to Indie Tracks festival to see The Pains of Being Pure at Heart again..their forthcoming single is here in all its glory for you to hear, and it’s a corker… way to go Kip!

As always a selection of what is currently being enjoyed in my merry-go-round for a head…

Have a wicked weekend!

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