hearts and minds..

Yes its finally out, the epic ‘hearts and minds’ from Exit Calm… i’ve been banging on about them for months, i know..

Nice to see that the ‘Sun’ agrees, making ‘hearts and minds’ its single of the week.To link in with the release this week, I aired my interview with them on todays radio show, with some slightly unmatched background music, god love Cord.. they certainly know their funk and soul… Listen again HERE.  Also featured on the show brand new music from John Grant, Laura Veirs, Jamaica and more..

Last thursdays ‘lost’ show featuring the amazing Joy Formidable can be heard HERE, they’re currently in the US touring, lets hope Rhydian has some new jeans by now..

It’s been two weeks since i blogged and a lot happens in two weeks i tell you.. I’ve had to check my diary to remember where i’ve been… bad bad bad!

So news in brief.. the new edition of Chimp Magazine is out, with my new regular singles review spread in it..kindly put by Chimp.. ‘Shell Zenner puts an end to our rotation policy’, nicely done 😉

Available in reputable Manchester and Salford newsagents NOW, Go buy it.. just to see what i thought of the Dutch Uncles forthcoming single if nothing else..

What else is new? I’m upto 1800 followers on mflow, I’m the 12th most followed person on mflow, wow! You can check my flows or follow me here: http://my.mflow.com/ShellZenner

Now where the hell have i been? Unbelievable to think that it was nearly two weeks ago when i met and interviewed The Bluetones, yep a band i’ve adored since i was 16. Taking a ‘slight return’ back to the heady days of Britpop, just don’t call them britpop survivors..

New single ‘Carry me home’ is something we can all relate to – carry me home..cos i’ve lost control of my legs..

check an acoustic version of it below..

Their forthcoming album ‘New Athens’ has really surprised me, i’ll be airing a few more tracks off it on the radio show for sure.

Talking of blasts from the past, The Divine Comedy, (fresh from Neil Hannons Ivor Novello nomination with the Duckworth Lewis Method) are back with a new album ‘Bang goes the Knighthood’, I aired their forthcoming single ‘At the indie disco’ on last sundays show, which went down a storm with listeners.. listen in HERE

The fun definately continued with the NME Radar Tour the following night, Darwin Deez was back in town and I just couldn’t help myself, stealing another viewing of the Deez dance troupe.. incorporating a mix-tape soundtrack that included the Pointer sisters and the ‘Bartman’.. genius.  The line up was pretty knock out with Hurts and Everything Everything following Darwin on the hallowed turf of Academy 3.

Having seen the spectacle and ambience that was Hurts first gig at St Phillips Church, I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed seeing them in a standard venue.. some of their tunes seem like they have been produced for the masses, but I guess they just don’t want to sell themselves short.  Signed to Sony, they have so much potential.. the drama is clear to see in their debut single.. which you can view HERE

For me on the night, the highlight was Everything Everything.. i’d not managed to catch the local lads live before, and having interviewed Little Comets and Darwin Deez who both raved about them, I was intrigued to see the live show.. and they didn’t disappoint. Feel good music, creative, alternative and edgy..this is forthcoming single schoolin’

Other gig highlights in the past week have been Fools Gold’s african rhythms.. i’ve never seen so much dancing in the Ruby Lounge, interview coming soon.. but for the meantime, check out former single ‘Suprise Hotel’

Sounds from the other city festival hosted Islet, a band I had been lucky enough to see a couple of months ago supporting Los Campesinos!.. the multi-instrumentals blew the doors off The Pint Pot, it was not unusual to turn around a find a guitarist stood behind you rather than infront of you or to see one of the band drumming on the floor next to you with drumsticks.. a band you must see live for the sheer joy of it, eclectic and original..

This video of Islet is pretty tame to be honest!

Friday night was all about the Cathedral again, yep i remembered being blown away by the ambience of Grizzly Bear and St Vincent there back in December.. when I heard CocoRosie were performing, there was no way I could stay away.

Famed for their outlandish stage shows and slightly off-kilter albums that hover on the edge of obscurity…CocoRosie were a sight to behold.. and with some of the most demanding fans I have ever come across. Their music is limitless, it goes beyond just the simple entity of the music.. into art, performance and even fashion. Bianca and Sierra join me soon for an interview on the show to explore such details..

I can’t finish this blog without mentioning the amazing Surfer Blood, I caught up with them briefly on saturday before their show at the Ruby Lounge to talk Florida, new single ‘Swim’ and how they are finding the UK music scene, interview to air soon.

But Saturday night, was the night of Suzuki Method in my eyes.  They joined Salfords musical elite by playing ‘Helmets for Men’ at the Mill, and I must say not only were the bands spectacular but the dj’s weren’t too shabby either..;)

But, Suzuki Method Salfords finest sons are about to spread their wings and music beyond Salford with the imminent release of their debut EP on Factory Foundation records.. I’ve already aired one of the tracks on the show and this video really does NOT do them justice.. one to watch!

Over and out


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