Psyched out..

Yeahhhh! I sure am!!  new Black Keys and Black Rebel Motorcyle Club records and these guys… El Goodo

They  were amazing last night…despite the rubbish sound quality in the venue, limited audience and never ending smoke machine that nearly took me out.  The things i do for quality music.. The welsh boys travelled 5 hours to get here, and showed a very humble side to the music industry… the side thats rarely documented, hours in a van for no pay, whilst working full time to pay the bills.  El Goodo’s first self titled album was released on the Super Furry Animals ‘Placid Casual’ Label and led to them touring some big venues in support of the Super Furries too, they are back with amazing second album ‘Coyote’, crammed full of 60s garage, pysche blues which was out on the 1st of March.  I personally can’t understand why there were not more quality music fans there,  these guys are well worth checking out.  They had a 6 Music session not so long back, they’re not too good at the personal promoting of the band so keep an eye on their myspace for forthcoming gigs here

In other news the suns out and I’m sober! I have a stack of cds to upload to add to the 655 tracks i still have to listen to! So after  showing this blog some love, i’m heading out into the sun with a brew and a biscuit to listen to some of the said tunes and paint my garden bench, it can’t all be rock n roll eh?

Whats new this week?  My love for Peggy Sue endures, this video with marc riley shows exactly the eclectic and sweet nature of the band that i adore.. check the drummers choice of percussion..

Also i’ve been listening to the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club LP that is amazing and oh the return of the Black Keys.. Brothers seems more mellow than Rubber Factory, my favourite Black Keys effort but pretty pretty nonetheless… have you got your tickets yet? I’ve got mine..

I Met up with those energetic indie-calypso type scamps The Crookes this week for fun and laughs, interview to air soon!

Awesome to finally catch them live, just as bouncy live as on record… make sure you catch them soon, and throw new boxer shorts at them.. they need them.. apparently! Russ… ahem!

For those of you that still haven’t heard of the ace ‘Yuck’, get on this link:

This weeks shows are now up for listen again, check out the awesome Teenagers in Tokyo here

…and the wonderful Field Music here

Top news of the week is my Mflow feature profile which i’m in love with, totally led zepped out, but amazing! check it out..

Coming up on this weeks shows I have my interview with Editors on sunday at 5pm on Salford City Radio 94.4fm or and next thursday at 9pm Glaswegians, Errors. Both Not to be missed, especially if you like come dine with me..

But to leave you with two tunes this blog:

The first the sublime beach house:

and to rock it up to finish.. new Black Rebel.. 1:51… slightly ropey live video but sounds just as amazing!

Remember you can find me on mflow on shellzenner and on twitter @shellzenner.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun! x

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