girls and boys..

For those reading on from the last blog, yep i scratched and didn’t sniff and looked what i found underneath!!

Hello MGMT nice to see you there!

Right back to business, the best news of the week is I’ve been given another radio show!  I felt like I was cramming things in a bit and so I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted another hour!  I’m absolutely made up and can’t wait to kick things off this week in style!
So my radio show times are Thursday at 9pm GMT and Sunday at 5pm GMT. You can tune in on 94.4fm or listen online by clicking here Soon enough we will have a listen again feature on the stations website. But in the meantime you can listen again to the last four shows on

Coming up on this weeks shows, The Travelling Band join me on tonights show to play a couple of new tunes live in the studio and to talk about new single Sundial as well as the chilli challenge, choppers and otters.. Tune in to find out more!
Don’t forget its recordstore day on Saturday, I’ll be lining up with the millions outside Piccadilly Records in order to get my special editions, and one of the releases brought forward is the Teenagers in Tokyo album Sacrifice.  Sundays show will feature an interview with the girls, telling me more about Sacrifice and what lifes like in the UK versus Australia.

In other news, I’m mega excited by the glastonbury line up if you haven’t seen it check this link:


I’m also still enjoying mflow, i’ve managed to afford some classic My Bloody Valentine, Tom Vek and the Peggy Sue album so far as a result of other people loving my flows enough to buy them.  Good to know I’m spreading the word of quality new music!

In my final news, It does seem to me that there is a battle of the sexes going on in and around my brain musically this week.. So this blog is dedicated to the battle of the sexes…

In the red corner, fighting for lipstick, cupcakes and err cherry chapsticks.. are:

Jesca Hoop

Dum Dum Girls

Peggy Sue..

and the lady i’m off to see on saturday, Jessie Rose Trip..

and in the blue corner, fighting for Sky Sports, betting shops and Staropramen is..

The Crookes

The Middle East

The Travelling Band


So time for some voting practice ready for May.. so who wins? Girls or Boys? Gees, Blur would be proud…

PS. Pray that saturday brings me a special edition blur vinyl!

s x

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