Band on the wall..

I know its over a week again, i’m officially rubbish.. but that gives me more to inform you of, plus i blame mflow.. i’ll come to that later 😉

Highlights from the Last week have included checking out a gig in the new Band on the Wall venue which was awesome from the lighting to the layout, well arranged and organised loved it!  I had the fortune of seeing Erland and the Carnival for the second time in three days and attempted to catch up with the guys for an interview but time was against me, so no doubt i’ll be catching up with them on their next visit.  I did however manage to catch up with Mike and Becky from Tunng for a chat.  I found them adorable and funny, hope you will too.. we chatted about this song that Mike and I agreed was ace:

Thursday I finally got to meet the wonderful Exit Calm, brooding and effervescent all at the same time.. I chatted to lead singer Nicky and guitarist Rob who whilst trying to make themselves heard over loud northern soul tunes, came across as exceptionally humble .  It’s unbelievable to think that their manager has such faith in them that he sold an original Banksy to fund their record, Nick McCabe is unsuprisingly a huge fan and the gig was mindblowing.  I would go so far as to say they are currently one of the UK best kept musical secrets, but after finally signing their record deal in Manchester on Thursday, I very much doubt this will be the case for much longer..

This week so far I have been emailing this gent..

Can’t wait to meet him properly in May for a chat about the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s new album and all things Anton.  I’ve been a huge BJM fan for years, I even have their t shirt on my wall.. sad but true. If you’ve never got it or are willing to give it a go, Detroit Social Clubs lead singer David Burn and myself agree that this tune is just breathtaking..

Last night, I was in a quandry.. i won tickets to see The Drums at the Deaf Institute but had also invested in some tickets to see Ellie Goulding at Club Academy.. what a choice.. the fair maiden won me over though, after all I’d seen the Drums twice before, and never managed to get an interview with them due to fierce overhyping.

So Ellie has been getting a bit of backlash from round and about as far as I can see, I don’t understand really.. shes aiming for a certain market and seems to have achieved that goal.  Now i’m not sure the longevity of her style, but the girl is talented.. great voice, instrument playing, writing.. whats to dislike? oh maybe the kids screaming at her gigs.. but maybe thats cos im older and bitter! I especially enjoyed this tune:

Last weeks show is now up for listen again featuring interviews with Los Campesinos! and Swanton Bombs

On this weeks show I have interviews with Groove Armada and Fenech Soler, so don’t forget to tune in at 9pm on Thursday on 94.4fm or to find out what Tom and Andy had to say about this..

Also this week i’ve made my written debut in Aprils edition of Chimp Magazine! Check out for more details, or check your local newsagent in the Salford/Manchester areas to get a copy priced at just £1.80.. i’m reviewing some albums.  This month – The Courteeners -Falcon, and The Features – Some kind of salvation.

Remember you can follow me on twitter @shellzenner or now on mflow – shellzenner.. I come highly recommended by Danny from Death Disco who recommended me alongside Phil Jupitus, founding presenter at 6 Music and also renowned Label master James Endeacott who signed the Libertines.

My babybird interview has also got me a big shout out with some fans too, my interview is listed alongside Jonathan Ross (BBC Radio 2), Gideon Coe (BBC 6 Music) and Becky Want (BBC Manchester) check this link for more details:

I’m currently lining up new interviews for the radio show, expect Surfer Blood, Dum Dum Girls, Darwin Deez, Fools Gold and more! Right im off to see the parents, wish me luck 😉

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