the error of my ways..

I know its a shocker but i’m blogging twice in a week, my album reviews are done and a late evening cancellation has given me free reign to check out some new tunes.. oh yeah!

The new MGMT track has just landed, its certainly obscure and eclectic in the inimitable MGMT way, called flash delirium..on first listen I really wasn’t sure but I think its a grower..

I’ve got an AMAZING week coming up from here on in.. goss?

Tomorrow I’ll be interviewing Errors at the wonderful Deaf Institute, I do hope i get to see the popcorn machine again… that would probably make my night! New album come down with me is out this month, check out latest single ‘Rumour in Africa’

Thursdays a double header! Both Beach House and Lawrence Arabia interviews air on the show.  I just can’t get enough of forthcoming single Zebra.. and when I say that imagine me pronouncing it zeeebra like victoria does.. they’re due to support Grizzly Bear this month so keep your eyes peeled for the Beach House onslaught or machete attack (listen to thursdays show for further reference!)

The show airs at 9pm GMT on Salford City Radio 94.4fm or  Don’t miss it!

Also on thursday i’m hoping to squeeze in an interview with these guys..awesome single!

Saturday i’m making my escape to London village to see the wonderful Carl Barat in his current acting role, i’ll report back next week.. oh I do like a bit of culture 😉

Then sunday back in Manchester for the amazing Joy Formidable playing at the fantastic Ruby Lounge.. I’ve especially adored this band since they released one of the most eclectic christmas songs i’ve ever heard… check it out

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