Cut out the..

Why does youtube always offer a song to cover every mood and every whim?  I’m having one of those days today… you know when you think I need to cut free from the shackles, from those holding you back also known as the deadwood.. Mr Barat and friends sum it up perfectly in this..

Ps  Carl is currently acting alongside Sadie Frost in a new play in london called Fool for Love, I’ll be heading down there within the next month to go and see it, i like to judge these things for myself..

In my car there is constantly an array of cds and promos that i’m listening to ready to inform next weeks radio show, so it has to be a special album that takes the place of those cds for a whole week? Yep I never really forgot how good the Boxer Rebellions album Union was but I guess in some ways I rediscovered it this week, it works for the highs and the lows.  I got to know these guys about a year ago now when I first heard the new album and went out of my way to see them in a few places, they are currently writing their third album after touring Oz and Japan! Drummer Piers also has a local radio show and was back on air last night for two hours playing his love of radiohead, wilco and phil collins! He’ll be back again next tuesday at 10pm on Phoenix Fm if you want to catch some inane chatter and top tunes.  I’m excitedly waiting for their news, they have been confirmed for SXSW and I can’t help but think 2010 will be the year for them.. what am i talking about? Check this..

This week I have mainly been dreaming about an ATP chalet (why are people always too skint or  busy? does no one appreciate how cool All Tomorrows Parties is?!) ….and listening to new tunes from Lightspeed Champion, Yeasayer, Hotchip and Massive Attack.. can’t wait to air some of these in coming weeks.

New singles hitting my mat this week show just why Manchester has something to crow about! May 68 recently supported Delphic and release single My Ways in the coming weeks.  I’ve mentioned Young British Artists before after seeing them support Real Estate and I played tracks off their Small Waves Ep previously on the show, i’m the only radio station to currently have a copy of their forthcoming single due for release in april, its called Lived in Skin and its epic.. its all about the edge, the northern edge.  The revolution is coming and it starts here.. or on my radio show a week on thursday 😉

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