You dirty rock n roller..

So today I had the strangest conversation, i’ve read the word Nerdchester around in various places but just ignored it.. as to be honest it just sounds like total’s Manchester and don’t you forget it..

I had Jonny from Twisted Wheel in the studio today, we talked about the new album, their brand new tour starting on thursday, new slower songs, Manchesters very own Johnny Cash – Danny Mahon and last headline tour support Detroit Social Club… so don’t forget to tune in on Thursday at 9pm on Salford CIty Radio 94.4fm or to hear what Jonny had to say.  Jonny very kindly gave me a pile of goodies to give away after the show, including the album, all the 7inch vinyl singles and a tshirt. so keep your eyes and ears peeled for news of hour to win them… we are a community radio station and i’m skint, but ill stump up the postage within reason!

I asked jonny to pick a tune off the album to play and he picked this one

20,000 views on youtube.. can’t be bad!

I’ve been listening to some old stuff today and i can’t get enough of this band, i re-found the cd in the car earlier and re-fell in love. Apse.. get involved.. anything on ATP makes sense.. you know that right?!

I’m also excited to catch up with an old friend this week, see Twisted Wheel at their sold out show in Manchester as well as meeting these guys, the stunning Beach House.. Teen Dream is amazing and this track is still available free on itunes for another day.. quick!

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