You’re gorgeous..

so i got my first valentine, it was a promo from babybird.. cheers big ears!

Been mulling lots of stuff over today, and when i start posting too much on twitter and facebook, I smack myself and think BLOG!

Was thinking earlier on how well Twisted Wheel have done in the past 18 months, so proud of those guys, it made me remember standing with Jonnys dad to watch this (my video by the way) at the Mini United Festival last year, amazing!

I got my phone interview with Lightspeed Champion aka Dev today, hes as lovely as he used to be years ago when we chatted on myspace! His worst rockstar behaviour was more unfortunate than outlandish, tune in to the show to hear what it was!

So tonight i’ve been feeling this:

and this:

Also, to re-iterate.. if i had a job on BBC 6 Music, I would not quit to circumnavagate australia on a tandem bicycle, id rather circumnavagate chorlton green..

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