evening, thought it was about time i posted a playlist to give you a flavour of my output..

Detroit Social Club – Black and White

Broken Bells – The high road

Hurts – Wonderful life

Girls – Morning Light

Hot Club de Paris – Dance a Ragged dance

Butler Williams -You will learn

Hatcham Social – Sidewalk

Hatcham Social Interview

Hatcham Social – Murder in the dark

Cha Cha – Phonographic Love

Plasticines – Bitch

Feeder – Renegades

Fraser – Lay it on the line

You can listen on:

Today i’m mostly excited about new material from these guys:

but im also really looking forward to chatting to Dev Hynes also known as Lightspeed champion later in the week..

He’s back with a new EP called marlene which is out today..and his album very shortly so keep your eyes peeled, this is the video to marlene to be going on with..

Things to look forward to? Seeing Delphic and interviewing them on friday and then the Friends of Manchester festival on saturday, where i’m also going to grab a chat with Run  Toto Run and more, as well as drinking copious amounts of rum, its medicinal don’t you see.. sniffle cough sniffle..

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