Dum Dum…

Ok so the snow and ice have finally slung their hook… thank god.. it hit me today as I was driving along without a care in the world listening to the following tune:

Well the recent roundup, is that i went to see and interview Dayve Hawke aka Memory Tapes at the weekend, and he was sooo quietly spoken but so amazing..

He has a blog which you can access at http://weirdtapes.blogspot.com/ where he gives away not only his own tracks but the remixes of other tracks he has done, recent ones have included Yeasayer and more..

Tonight I very much enjoyed this at the cinema:

If you get the chance to go and find out a bit more about John Lennon then this film is well worth the watch!

Last weeks show is still up to air, featuring an interview with Alex from Elliot Minor.. access it on the following link:

This week i’m very much enjoying the following tunes and i’m really hoping to get to meet Midlake this weekend..

Overload probably, but you get the picture… Ps if anyone wants to take me or send me to sxsw or coachella.. let me know!

laters x

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