Snow days…

Real estate really couldn’t put it much better could they?!…

So if you hadn’t already heard.. we’re in the grip of some kind of freak siberian weather, not typical for the UK and Manchester inparticular.. as my mate del quite happily pointed out yesterday, ‘i haven’t used my umbrella for a month’.. thats some kind of miracle in Manchester as it always rains! The fact is its too bloody cold to rain.. this week has consisted of digging the car out, pushing the car etc etc.. all the fun of the fair.

On the plus side theres soo much new music coming through to me on email and the post is still arriving, so i might have cabin fever but i’m gaining lots of listening time!

This weeks radio show included my top tips for 2010 and you can listen to it again on this link:

Loving the san fran vibe right now, get me outta there, love it..

I’m also in adoration of the new Midlake album and can’t wait to see them live, also beach house and ellie goulding who topped the BBCs Sound of 2010 tell poll..  Loads of gigs and loads of interviews getting lined up, 2010 is going to be BIG…

Anyway, enjoy the links, i’m going to get back to searching out new tunes and finishing the quality street… now wheres that wii fit again?..

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