A foxy week..

Has it really been a week since ive posted? I’m sorry blog, i’ve let you down… and myself!

However, i’ve got big excuses.. last friday i went to see the amazing pains of being pure at heart, i interviewed them too, such an ace and grounded band! They are so lovely that they offered me guestlist for All Tomorrows Parties in Minehead on the sunday so i embarked on the roadtrip of the year to Somerset to see them support My Bloody Valentine..

I also got to see A place to bury strangers who i played on the show a couple of weeks ago, they were awesome.. watch out for them for sure.

Returning to Manchester on a high, I had an incident with a fox running out infront of my car on the M56 at 70mph, needless to say i was a bit shook up and after needing to work some late nights at work i’ve been flat out, but the good news is this thursdays show will feature the interview with the Pains, which everyone needs to hear!

I’ve spent a lot of time listening to the raveonettes this week, i’ve always loved them and rate love in a trashcan as one of my top 7inches ever, i just find the guitar so retro and for me, it works. The new album in and out of control continues that theme thankfully and this song is no exception:

Last night i ended up going to the Versus Cancer gig at the Manchester Evening News Arena, I was kicking myself for not asking for Placebo guestlist after i realised the Horrors were supporting, but the Versus Cancer gig was better than expected.  I saw the Codeine Velvet Club, Snow Patrol, Happy Mondays (shaun ryder looking decidedly dodgy with a wrong hair parting) and the highlight James with the BBC Philarmonic, amazing stuff!  Ended up at the Versus Cancer after party at the hilton and had my most surreal moment of the year, being introduced to Faris from the Horrors by Michelle Burgess (Tim’s wife).. needless to say I acted like a gormless fool as all i wanted to tell him was how much i love primary colours… fortunately i held my tongue whilst he was dragged away waving as he left.. But in homage, if you haven’t bought Primary colours do, they blew me away at Glastonbury and this track is immense..

Plans are afoot for a number of interviews this week, but you will have to wait and see what comes off..

Remember you can still listen to this weeks show with Bombay Bicycle Clubs latest tour support Dutch Uncles

but in the meantime, I should get back to writing christmas cards and sorting out christmas presents, ho ho ho…

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