All yesterdays, todays and tomorrows parties..

Well the weekend decended into chaos..

What started out as a mild affair, digressed into a roundtrip to Somerset, but not for glastonbury..

I interviewed the nicest band on the planet on friday night, the Pains of being pure at heart! Kip and Alex chatted to me for about 20 minutes, about tetris, unexpected uk popularity, chorlton irish centre and my bloody valentine.. after that i had the pleasure of seeing them live.  They were awesome, it was just a shame that academy 2 is such a soul less venue..

Seeing as they are the nicest band on the planet, they arranged for me to gain entry to All tomorrows parties (ATP) festival to see them and my bloody valentine.. and wow!

I mean I’ve been to glastonbury 5 years, I adore it, but this was something else. Totally chilled, cool as, all indoor and you get a chalet, i’m in! Started off by bumping into the pains at wristband exchange followed by seeing the awesome a place to bury strangers, who i aired on last weeks show, very dark and brooding.. loved it

then off to see mum who were amazing, loads of star-esque led lights and mad instruments but such a pretty sound, caught a bit of bob mould and then got in ready to see the pains of being pure at heart.  The place was absolutely packed and their was a definate anticipation in the air, the crowd were chilled but definately feeling the music, which was great to see.  Not as much of a mosh as in Manchester but i’m sure that will come in time.

If you’ve not heard of the pains of being pure at heart then you really should check this youtube link out:

Then it was in for the epic, My bloody valentine.. fortunately i was handed ear plugs and boy did i need them! Amazing though, purely inspirational…


On this thursdays radio show, one of the brightest manchester talents around set to follow in the footsteps of delphic, the Dutch Uncles. They’ve just been confirmed as the main tour support for Bombay Bicycle Club next week, so if you are off to see Bombay make sure you’re in early enough to check them out.

s x

2 thoughts on “All yesterdays, todays and tomorrows parties..

  1. shellzenner Post author

    yeah half an hour of feedback, my mates said they did it friday and saturday… seeing as we had to drive back to manc, we watched ten minutes and headed off.. crazy, i think a touch indulgent though!

    how were battles? x


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