New Yorks finest… the pains of being pure at heart

I can’t believe it! Ive been waiting six months for them to come back and friday is it! i’ve sorted an interview, have no clue what to ask them and im in danger of being a total fan girl so really need to do some calming homework!

On the plus side, ive managed to score a plus one to give away on the radio, so if you fancy going down to academy 2 for the friends of mine 5th birthday party, listen in to salford city radio 94.4fm or tomorrow to find out more!

i try my best for you guys! i just need to introduce the folks at the radio to the pains of being pure at heart now… the joys of knowing so much about new music!!

on an aside, my christmas tree is now up and looking fab! check it…

Its got glitter reindeers, heart shaped and star shaped baubles too!

yey its nearly christmas! im going to celebrate by opening with the slow club christmas single tomorrow on the radio!

shell x

5 thoughts on “New Yorks finest… the pains of being pure at heart

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  2. shellzenner Post author

    i love it too! cathryn walked in and said wow i love it! its black with white lights on it and then silver glittery bits and red baubles, lots of heart and star shaped ones, love it!

    are you getting one?

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