Don’t move fa fa fa far from the radio..

Yes the datarock show aired, I had listeners in Canada, big wow and big thanks!

Frederik is such a legend, seriously a genuinely nice guy trying to do something decent in the world of music and i salute him, 9 years in and he’s still at it promoting local Norweigan bands whilst touring non stop for the past five years.

New album Red is awesome, and if you hit their myspace you can download Talking Heads tribute track True Stories for free, bargain of the month!

If you missed the show or one listen wasn’t enough, heres this weeks listen again link:

Lined up for next weeks show is an interview with Manchesters awesome Dutch Uncles, The owners of the best wedding video around….plus more of the best new music around including Lightspeed Champion, Fools Gold and more! To give you a taster of whats to come check this out:

As for the weekend? I’ve plans to interview both The Rogues and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Tomorrow, yey! and on Saturday i’ll be heading to the biggest Manchester Party around at the Ruby Lounge with the RAC crew, oh, and im baking.. so get down early if you’re hungry!

One last thought, isn’t it weird when you’re thinking about someone and then see them quite unexpectedly.. happened to me with Badly Drawn Boy today, hopefully I can tap him up for an interview soon, his new single is in the show above and it’s stunning.

Shell x

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