Hello world!

Hi world, gees that sounds daunting doesn’t it?

I usually see myself as quite a technical person, my family always look to me to sort out technical problems.. i managed the transition from pc to mac successfully, i can set up a printer and build an exercise bike, but blogging? well i’m absolutely clueless.. so when i say bear with me.. i mean it!

So a bit about me and the reason for this blog, my blog?! well this is me…

I’m 31, got my own house, car, teeth… but..have you ever worked yourself into a career that pays well but bores you rigid? well welcome to my world… i get my kicks from music, always have done.  I’ve religiously gone to gigs and festivals since i was 14, some 17 years later and you start to think is this a hobby or is this more?

I started off reviewing bands which although was rewarding, i’m so pedantic with my writing that it was too labour intensive. I get my real kicks from listening to and sharing new music and ive been told i have a good radio voice, so i thought why not,  i got involved with my local community radio station and eventually got my own show, its a new music show and i play the best pre releases and new releases in my view.

I certainly don’t profess to have a monopoly on all the best music as i work full time still,  and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to listen to it all and do a competent job at work! But i’ve been building up some decent pr contacts since i started the show and in the last few months i’ve started to step things up a bit and interview bands or have bands in the studio, no mean feat for someone who gets just an hour a week to make an impression!

So far this year i’ve interviewed:

– Liam Frost

– The Longcut

– Its a buffalo

– Beat the Radar

– Dent May

– Jersey Budd

– The Temper Trap

– Slow Club

– Local Natives

– Little Comets

– Flashguns

– A mountain of one

– The Boxer Rebellion

– Datarock

I’ve already got interviews with the Cinematics, Elliot Minor and Dutch Uncles lined up and a number of other great interviews in the offing, so its great even if its taking more time up than originally anticipated.

So getting back to the point, i guess i’m hear to spread my word on new music and hear about great new music through others.

I certainly love sharing the music i’ve discovered on my radio show which can be heard worldwide on Thursdays at 9pm GMT on www.salfordcityradio.org or the most recent show is hosted on http://soundcloud.com/shellzenner

How do you leave this? well for the first post maybe its good enough to say i’m currently enjoying the Slow Club Christmas EP, Apse – Climb Up and Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

I’ll leave you on this thought:

Wide Eyes – Local Natives

Over and out, shell x

3 thoughts on “Hello world!

    1. shellzenner Post author

      I can send you the show if you want so you can listen to it, it was when they played moho a couple of months back they told me all about the christmas ep which is ace, have you heard it? if not i can hook you up.

      Its a buffalo were cool, they did a couple of songs live in the studio, it was kind of a swan song, the last interview before they moved on to something new. They said they decided to call its a buffalo a day as if you’ve supported the Courteeners and still not made it, then you’re not bound to.

      Personally i think it was just bad timing, if they had had the record ready to release before the tour they would have been sorted, but alas no.

      You seem to know you’re stuff, im gutted i didnt make it down to see spectrals etc, was it awesome?

      1. thepigeonpost

        Oh, Spectrals were really good, the highlight of it all, but Mazes and Wavves were really good. Enjoyed all the plural names involved most of all, I think.

        and yeah, send us over the slow club stuff! That would be amazing. They were great at moho, weren’t they? I was stood behind these 4 boys who chatted throughout, absolute idiots. But Slowc were still awesome!

        mbritton2@gmail.com is my email address.

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